Title: Production and physiological quality of creole bean seeds Vigna unguiculata

Abstract:Currently, it is not easy or difficult to find sufficient stock of native seeds in rural communities, nor in government research and extension institutions, to plant crops, crops or fields of agricultural production, thus compromising the food security of rural and urban families, especially the most needy. In this sense, multiplying and studying the physiological quality of seedlings created from seed banks of communities settled in the sertao of Paraiba will contribute to increase the stock of seed bank, better use and commercialization of seeds by farmers and consequently improvement in productivity and income community. In view of the great loss of creole seeds by the family farms in the State of Paraiba, it is necessary to install fields of multiplication of creole seeds, as a way to rescue and preserve them, with the commitment to return the seeds and maintain the seed banks of family farmers. Producing healthy food with the goal of preserving the health of the farmer, consumer, soil and water is the goal of Agroecology. The work was carried out in experimental area of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Paraiba, Campus Sousa. Seeds of bean variety \"cancao\" were used. For the implantation of the seed production field, an area (9.3 m per 27.6 m) was used between the passion fruit cultivation lines, in order to use the irrigation water from the same, originating from a well called cacimbao and thus optimize the use of water during this dry season. The crop was planted at the germination stabilization seven days after planting with a mean of 74.6; 60.6; 65.4; 63.8 and 67.8. The height of the plants presented, on average, higher values in row F2 (1.49 cm) corresponding to the greater number of pods (11.2), followed by F4 (1.62 cm) with 8.2 pods; F1 (1.11 cm) with 6.4 pods and F3 (1.05 cm) with 3.6 pods. The results indicate a positive relation between plant heights and numbers of pods per plant, larger plants have a greater number of pods. The seeds from the Frei Damiao settlement have physiological quality preserved and in conditions to be used for the production of new seeds.

Title: Solution of KdV and modified KdV equations by He-Laplace variational iteration method

Abstract:This study investigates an effective modification for solving Korteweg-de-Vries and modified Korteweg-de-Vries equations arises in shallow water waves such that He\'s variational iteration method (VIM) is associated with Laplace transform for the development of this method, called He-Laplace variational iteration method (He-LVIM). The most distinct aspect of this method is that there is no need to calculate the integration for next iterations in recurrence relations nor the convolution theorem to calculate the Lagrange multipliers in Laplace transformation. The nonlinear terms are then solved by applying He\'s polynomials via homotopy perturbation method (HPM). This modification demonstrated the high efficiency and attained very good agreement in illustrated problems. The consequences of He-Laplace variational iteration method (He-LVIM) shows that proposed technique converges rapidly and yields accurate results.


Abstract:In their natural habitats, plants have to cope with multiple stress factors triggering respective response pathways, leading to mutual interference. Our work aimed to study the effect of salt stress in combination with immune response triggered by microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMP) in Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 plants. We measured ROS production after treatment with flg22 and the influence of concomitant salt stress (NaCl and Na2CO3).The maximum combined effect of NaCl solution and flg22 on ROS production was achieved at 6 mM salt, which was almost 2 times higher than the single effect of MAMP. A similar maximum combined effect with Na2CO3 was observed at 10 mM concentration. High concentration of NaCl and Na2CO3 was accompanied with declining of ROS production, which was completely inhibited at 150 mM of NaCl and at 50 mM of Na2CO3.The immediate and long term (24 h) effect of NaCl on leaf tissue of Arabidopsis thaliana showed that the impact of salt stress on flg22induced ROS production probably did not affect the genetic aspects of the tissue response, but was associated with ionic and osmotic stresses. Experiments with mannitol, KCl and CaCl2allowed to conclude that the observed effect was due to the ionic stress of the salt rather than the osmotic one.

Title: Response of Sugar Beet Yield and Production to Different Rates from Chemical Fertilizers and Soil Salinity

Abstract:Sugar beet is an important crop for sugar production, especially in the temperate regions of the world, and to get a high yield it\'s needed a large quantity from chemical fertilizers. For this reason this experiment was conducted in the farm of Nuclear Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Tamyah, El-Fayoum, Egypt in sandy loam soil (saline soil) to study the effect of different types and rates from mixed chemical fertilizer (N, P and K) on root fresh, dry weight, foliage fresh weight, beet pulp and TSS for sugar beet crop. The total amount of irrigation water requirements (IWR) was 5517.13 m3 ha-1 through growing season; it was applied by furrow irrigation method. The results indicate that there are a significant difference between average all treatments where the root fresh weight are decrease with increasing rate of nitrogen (N) fertilizer rate with average value 71.89, 88.16 and 95.50 ton ha-1 for 285, 95 and 190 kg N ha-1, respectively, and for phosphate (P) effect the average value in root fresh weight followed this order: 80.67, 85.04 and 89.84 ton ha-1 for 105, 70 and 35 kg P ha-1, respectively, which indicated that the use of low N and P rates are better than high rates and for potassium (K) effect the average value in root fresh weight followed this order: 95.85, 85.11 and 72.60 ton ha-1 for 90, 60 and 30 kg K ha-1, respectively, which indicate that the sugar beet plant is prefer the high rates of K. About 2.2% difference between the average high value (27.46%) and average low value (25.24%) of total soluble solids (TSS), hence, this differences is very low and explain that the TSS not affected by different rate and type of fertilizer.

Title: The First Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach (Linnaeus, 1758) in Iraq (Class: Aves, Order: Passeriformes, Family: Laniidae)

Abstract:During the fieldwork that was carried out at northern Iraq, close to the northwestern corner of the country, an individual male of Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach was observed by the survey team south of Bi-Kheir Mountain, 45km northeast of Duhok city, and 15km to the southwest of Zakho town close to Dairabon village. The habitat where the bird was found at consists of undulated foothills with shallow valleys and watercourses with scattered shrubs and Oak trees. While in the field, the bird was distinguished easily by its relatively long tail in comparison with the other Shrike species in addition to its other key features. This observation represents the first record for the Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach for Iraq.

Title: Stress Analysis of Composite Materials in Wind Turbine Blades Subjected to CFD and FEA

Abstract:Abstract: Many researchers have become interested in the field of renewable energy production in recent decades because it has a huge global demand. It is expected to become more common with increased composite production capacity, and by 2040 many countries should be able to operate on the sun, air, and water sources exclusively and cost-effectively. In this paper, Finite Element Modelling (FEM) was developed to simulate the fluid structure interaction (FSI). The study mainly focuses on the modelling of complex and modelled shapes using the software ANSYS. Accordingly, in this study, the FSI model for wind turbine blades is used on a full scale. Aerodynamic loads are calculated using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model fluently applied in ANSYS, and structural blade responses are determined using the generic company model of implementation in the ANSYS structure. The interface for CFD and FEA is based on a one-way coupling. Furthermore, the model was applied to wind turbine modelling with 1.5 MW blade turbines. Moreover, this paper is concerned specifically with the horizontal wind turbines to predict the maximum value of stress (von Mises), normal stress, and total deformation of the blade.

Title: Features of the Narrative Poetry of Some Countries in Southeast Asia

Abstract:The narrative poetry is a term of a traditional literary genre that has appeared long ago in the literature of nations in Southeast Asia. This article specifically studies the genre of the narrative poetry of some countries in this region through the investigation of some typical works of scholarly narrative poetry, which is a typical work that expresses the classification of original topics. The study results show that the historical conditions of politics - ideology, economy - society, culture - the art of the feudal period in Southeast Asia has created a solid basis for the formation and development of the genre of narrative poetry in this region. Based on the origin of the topic, the plot of the narrative poetry can be divided from Southeast Asian narrative poetry into different groups of the narrative poems: the plot from folk literature, the plot from foreign literature, the plot from national history, and the narrative poem based on real life. In the process of development, the two basic features of the Southeast Asian narrative poetry are the narrative and lyricism in the narrative poems. Afterward, the combination becomes smoother, successful, and skilled in the art. The continuous movement of narrative poetry has helped this genre to win the central and leading position of Southeast Asian traditional literature.

Title: A Case of Repeated Septicemia Owing to Aeromonas hydrophila in a Patient with Liver Cirrhosis

Abstract:A few case reports have been described of recurrent Aeromonas infection in patients with liver cirrhosis (LC). Herein we report a rare case of repeated septicemia owing to A. hydrophila in a patient with LC. The patient was a 57-year-old Japanese man with uncompensated LC owing to hepatitis C virus. He experienced high fever and was admitted to our hospital in November 2011. A. hydrophila was isolated via blood culture, and the man was diagnosed with Aeromonas septicemia. After administration of an antimicrobial agent, he recovered and was discharged. The man experienced high fever again and was readmitted to the hospital in March 2013, 16 months after the first admission. A. hydrophila was isolated again via blood culture and Aeromonas septicemia was diagnosed. After administration of the same antimicrobial used for the first episode, the man recovered. He died owing to liver failure in December 2017, 6 years after the first septicemia episode.

Title: Recovery Focused Self Management Program: Self Efficacy& Symptoms Severity of Schizophrenic Patients

Abstract:Schizophrenia is associated with a heterogeneous group of symptoms that cause significant distress to their sufferers; affecting their interpersonal relations, personal care, with its negative impact on patient?? self-esteem and self-efficacy. Hence a call for innovative measures is crucial. The aim of the study is to assess, design, implement, and evaluate the impact of a structured recovery self- management program for schizophrenic patients on their self efficacy, and symptoms severity. A quasi experimental (pre-posttest) design was utilized in this study. A purposive sample of 30 schizophrenic patients were targeted and recruited for conducting this study; the study was carried out at inpatient departments of Al-Abbasia Hospital for Mental Health, Cairo-Egypt. Tools for data collection were; personal data questionnaire, mental health recovery measure, mental health self-management questionnaire & general self-efficacy scale. The results showed statistical significant differences between pre/post assessments in relation to recovery, self-management and self-efficacy levels at p= (.002, .002, .003) respectively, and in severity of delusions, disorganized speech, negative symptoms, impaired cognition, depression, at p= (.001, .006, .005, .012, .001) respectively. The study concluded that, psychosocial rehabilitation program improved patients awareness toward the issue of psychiatric illness recovery and self-management and it was positively affected patient?? general self-efficacy, so these rehabilitation programs should be included in protocols of care in psychiatric hospitals, and should be planned to be implemented on the three levels of prevention. As well, further researches are needed to investigate these trends in schizophrenia management specifically, and the other psychotic, neurotic disorders in general.

Title: The self-care practices of heart transplant patients followed up in an outpatient clinic

Abstract:The objective of the present study was to evaluate the self-care practices of cardiac transplant patients, according to universal self-care, developmental requirements and health deviation. This is a quantitative, cross-sectional and exploratory approach, with 63 cardiac transplant patients (CT) followed at an outpatient clinic of a public tertiary hospital located in Fortaleza-CearĂ¡-Brazil. The study evidenced the following prevalence of self-care practices in CT patients: referring to universal self-care requirements, 100% performed body hygiene; 100% do not use illicit drugs; 98.4% are not smokers; 96.8% are not alcoholic; adequate eliminations (96.8%); activity / work (93.6%); ingesting liquids (93.6%); household hygiene (92.1%); oxygenation / respiration (87.3%); sexual practice (79.4%); healthy eating (79.4%); sleep and rest (58.7%). Developmental: participate in educational activities (60.3%); adaptation to changes (76.2%). Health diversion: uses medication, disposable mask (100%); attend consultations of the team (98.4%); people, domestic animals (98.4%); treatment, complications, self-care, prevent diseases, promote health (98.4%). There was no association between self-care adherence and age group (p = 0.05), while males showed greater adherence (69.6%) and females only 28.5% (p = 0.03). There was an association between adherence and race; the brown race 68.0% of adhesion, the white had only 37.5% of adhesion (p = 0.03). Conclusion: cardiac transplant patients practice self-care, there are those who presented deficits.