Title: Combination and Formulation of Epoxidized Palm Oil with Oxidizing Ring-opening Compounds to Produce Biopolyols as Raw Materials for Flexible Polyurethane Foams

Abstract:Different ring-opening compounds will produce biopolyols with varying numbers of hydroxyl. The hydroxyl value is an important parameter to determine the type of application of biopolyol as a polyurethane raw material. Polyurethane flexible foam can be synthesized using biopolyol with a hydroxyl value of 100 mg KOH/g. The purpose of this study was to examine the combination of oxirane ring-opening compounds and the ratio of epoxidized palm oil to oxirane ring-opening compounds to produce polyols with hydroxyl values less than 100 mg KOH/g. The materials used are epoxidized palm oil and oxirane ring-opening compounds, including propylene glycol, aquades, and ethylene glycol. In the ring-opening reaction, epoxidized palm oil and ring-opening compounds were used in the ratio (1:3, 2:3, 3:3) at a temperature of 50°C for 1 hour and assisted by an H2SO4 catalyst. The results showed that the proportion of epoxidized palm oil with ethylene glycol of 1:3 resulted in a biopolyol with suitable characteristics as a raw material for flexible polyurethane foam. The parameters of the biopolyol were hydroxyl value 99.37 mg KOH/g, viscosity 30°C at 46.10 cP, density at 30°C at 0.906 g/mL, acid number 1.19 mg KOH/g, clear yellow color, and test results. FTIR showed that the polyol had an OH group at a wavenumber of 3332.05 cm-1. The primary OH group on ethylene glycol is expected to increase the reactivity of palm oil polyols in the synthesis reaction of flexible polyurethane foam. Therefore, palm oil polyols are expected to partially or completely replace petroleum polyols as raw materials for flexible polyurethane foam.

Title: Silicon mediated drought stress in vegetative and reproductive attributes of gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus var. Advance Red) under agro-climatic conditions of Cholistan Desert

Abstract:Gladiolus is an important cut flower crop which has a significant contribution in Pakistan\'s economy by earning foreign currency. Drought is one of the main cause of decreasing ornamental crop production in most parts of the world while silicon (Si) is considered an element which can protect plants from adverse water shortage conditions. Present pot experiment was carried out to investigate the impact of drought stress and its mitigation by Si on the vegetative and reproductive attributes of Gladiolus grandifloras cv. Advance Red. Three different concentrations of Si (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5mmol/L) were selected to mediate drought stress at 100%, 75% and 50% field capacity (FC) levels. Pots were arranged according to completely randomize design (CRD) with two factor factorial arrangement which were replicated thrice. Results revealed that vegetative characteristics like plant height (cm), leaf area (cm2), root length (cm), spike length (cm), spike diameter (mm), stem fresh and dry weight (g) and reproductive characteristics number of flowers per spike, flower size (cm), flower fresh and dry weight (g) were all enhanced with T11 (1.5mmol/L + 50% FC) followed by T10 (1.0mmol/L + 50% FC). Plants without Si application expressed lowest vegetative and reproductive growth under all FC levels especially T0 (100% FC+0.0mmol/L) which showed susceptibility of gladiolus plants to drought conditions of this experiment. From this study it can be recommended that gladiolus can be ideally cultivated under drought conditions and 1.5mmol/L Si is superlative dose for successful plant growth under hot climatic conditions of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Title: The Attitude and Psychological Well-Being Regarding Healthy Diet

Abstract:Background: This study aims to examine the relationship between fitness athletes\' attitudes toward a healthy diet and their psychological well-being. Methods: 366 athletes participated in the study (Age, M=22.38 ± SD=5.59, N= 156 women, 210 men). Attitude scale, psychological well-being scale, and personal information form related to a healthy diet were used to collect study data. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was performed for study scales. In addition to descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analyses were included within the scope of the relational model. Findings: a positive relationship between knowledge about diet and positive diet and psychological well-being and a negative relationship between malnutrition and psychological well-being was found. Results: it can be said that the psychological condition of the athletes will be positively affected as the knowledge about healthy diet and positive diet attitudes develop. Their psychological status will be negatively affected as their attitudes towards malnutrition increase.

Title: Comparative Analysis of Single-Phase Hybrid Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Circuits

Abstract:This article proposes four new Hybrid switched capacitor structures with minimum device count and increased voltage levels with better power quality. Series cascading of seven-level and nine-level topologies and level doubling circuit (LDC) derive the Hybrid switched capacitor boost multilevel inverter structures (HSCBMLI). Level shifted multi-carrier pulse width modulation (LSMPWM ) method has been applied to minimize the THD content in the output voltage waveform. The performance of all the hybrid structures is validated for different load conditions and by changing modulation index using MATLAB/Simulink simulation software

Title: A case of alcoholic ketoacidosis complicated with severe hypoglycemia

Abstract:In alcoholic ketoacidosis, several complications may occur. Herein, we report a case of alcoholic ketoacidosis complicated with severe hypoglycemia. A 51-year-old man with alcoholic liver dysfunction was transferred to our hospital due to decreased level of consciousness. Following physical examination and laboratory findings, he was diagnosed as having alcoholic ketoacidosis complicated with severe hypoglycemia (blood glucose: 29 mg/dL). After glucose administration, his level of consciousness improved immediately, and alcoholic ketoacidosis resolved after fluid replacement therapy.

Title: Synthesis and Application of an Amphoteric Copolymer as a Dispersant for Graphene Oxide in Cement-Based Materials

Abstract:An amphoteric copolymer, poly-(acrylamide-co-1-(4-(3-((carboxylatomethyl)- dimethyl-ammonio)propylamino)-4-oxobut-2-enoate) (PAC), was synthesized and evaluated as a dispersion agent for graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles in cement-based materials. PAC was prepared from acrylamide and 1-(4-(3-((carboxylate-methyl)-dimethyl-ammonio)propylamino)-4-oxobut-2-enoate through a free-radical polymeri-zation. The structure of this copolymer was verified by its IR and 1H-NMR spectra. The dispersion effects of PAC were examined by measuring the sedi-mentation and viscosity of GO in pore solutions, and by analyzing the particle size. The results indicated that PAC was indeed effective in dispersing the nanoparticles, for the resulting suspensions were more stabilized and less viscous, and contained GO with smaller particle sizes. The dispersing ability of the prepared polymer appeared to be better than a commercial polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer. Accordingly, the GO-contained mortars with PAC exhibited higher flexural strength than those with PC and those without any dispersant present.

Title: Correlation between Heat Load and Design Alternatives for Compact Cabins

Abstract:Accommodation spaces onboard ships are normally of small dimensions, which reduces \nthe possibility of proper mixing between fresh and existing air. For ships with large crews, some \ncabins are occupied by four crew members, which increases heat loads in such spaces. For proper \nuse of these cabins bunk beds are usually used, with the air trapped between lower and upper beds \nalmost stagnant. On the other hand, the upper beds are usually very close to the ceiling which makes \nthe situation even worse. Field measurements of air parameters inside a real ship crew cabin were \nconsidered and simulated using a well-known CFD software to study the relationship between \nnumber of occupants and main design parameters. Results showed that thermal comfort can be \nreached through an optimal combination of main design parameters. Correlation between heat load \nand main design parameters would be taken into consideration for future feasibility study.


Abstract:Background: integrality in prenatal dental care is a relevant point in maternal and child care and a challenge for public health in Brazil. Objective: to know the meanings attributed to dental care during prenatal care by primary health care workers. Methody: an exploratory descriptive study with a qualitative approach, with data collected in 2018, through semi-structured interviews with doctors, nurses, dentists and local managers of primary health care in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. The interviews were organized based on thematic analysis and interpretation based on hermeneutics-dialectics. Results: the narratives showed that the dental monitoring in prenatal care is included in the list of activities of the health team and that it has a relevant meaning for those involved, however, there are still challenges that need to be overcome, such as greater professional integrity. Final considerations: There is a need to expand workers' knowledge about the subject, as well as to improve processes in prenatal care and to optimize interprofessional collaboration. Descriptors: Oral health. Prenatal care. Interprofessional relationships. Interdisciplinary practices

Title: A case of hypokalemic rhabdomyolysis in a patient with alcoholism

Abstract:This study included a 51-year-old male patient with alcoholism. He was admitted to our hospital because of muscle weakness in four extremities and diet intake-related problems due to diarrhea and vomiting. The serological findings indicated hypokalemia (potassium: 1.7 mEq/L) and elevated muscle enzymes (creatine kinase: 7,935 U/L). He was then diagnosed with hypokalemic rhabdomyolysis due to gastrointestinal loss and low potassium intake underlying alcoholic liver dysfunction. After fluid replacement, his symptoms and laboratory abnormalities were resolved. Furthermore, the patient remained symptom-free and without recurrent episodes of rhabdomyolysis at a one-year follow-up.

Title: Endoscopic characteristics of the gastric mucosa and Helicobacter pylori Infection in patients with Dyspeptic Symptoms in Low-Resource Setting

Abstract:Introduction. This study aimed to identify the endoscopic characteristics of the gastric mucosa associated with H. pylori infection in patients presenting with dyspeptic symptoms in low-resource setting, in North-eastern Brazil. Methods. Cross-sectional study of 751 patients treated at a public endoscopy service. The association between endoscopic characteristics and H. pylori infection was verified by Pearson\'s correlation tests, and their effect was measured by odds ratio in univariate and multivariate analyses. Results. Male patients were more likely to have gastritis, peptic ulcer, and active peptic ulcer. Patients with healed peptic ulcer were older than 45 years. In multivariate analysis, endoscopic characteristics that included enanthema of the gastric antrum (p <0.0001; OR = 0.47; 95% CI = 0.32-0.68) and mild pangastritis (p = 0.001; OR = 0.44; 95% CI = 0.27-0.71) were negatively associated with H. pylori infection. The endoscopic characteristic of moderate erosion of the antrum (p = 0.01; OR = 2.94; 95% CI = 1.28-6.74) was associated with H. pylori infection. Conclusion. The data from the present study suggest that, the presence of the endoscopic feature of moderate erosion of the antrum associated with H. pylori infection in patients presenting with dyspeptic symptoms.