Abstract:Sports are based on the concepts of game and pleasure. In addition, sports are among treatment methods of psychiatric rehabilitation programs because they are effective in reducing anxiety and stress that negatively affect human behavior. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of sports on anxiety. The sample group of the study was composed of 50 university students and 33 people-subject group who do not regularly engage in sports and voluntarily participated in the study. A sports training plan was given to the participant students for 4 days per week during 3 months. The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory developed by Spielberg (1970) was used to determine the anxiety levels of the students participating in the study. For analyses of the data, Portable IBM SPSS Statistics v15 software package was used. “The Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test” was applied in order to decide whether data has normal distribution and “ANOVA-Homogeneity of variance” was applied to test the homogeneity of variances and it is observed that data is homogeneous and has a normal distribution. After this initial analysis, it was decided to use the parametric test method in statistical analysis of the data. For the analysis of data, it was decided to use the descriptive statistics and co-sample t-test for the analysis of the collected data. The pre-sports anxiety score of students in the sample group was found to be ( =47,392±5,844) and the post-sports anxiety score of students in the sample group was found to be ( =41,980±6,077). According to the results of comparison of the trait anxiety scores of participant students after 3 months of sports training, a statistically significant difference was found (p<0,05). At the end of the study, it was determined that sports have a positive effect on anxiety. This study and many previous studies have shown that sports are important to ensure that individuals pursue a happy life

Title: Tax elasticities for the states of the mexican republic, 2003-2014: the relationship between the taxes and the gross domestic product

Abstract:Our interest is to estimate and explain the relationship between local tax revenue and the state gross domestic product (GDP) of the Mexican states, during the period 2003-2014. For these aims, we will calculate the tax elasticities using a panel model; as well as construct an efficiency wage model in a demand-constrained equilibrium scenario based on wage bill and a payroll tax, which one provides a theoretical explanation of the reasons why there may be a direct or inverse relationship between the tax mass and the GDP generated

Title: Primitive and Irreducible Polynomials of a Monic Quadratic Polynomial with Same Coefficients and its Application to Random Number Generation

Abstract:Some characteristics of a primitive polynomial, an irreducible polynomial and a reducible polynomial of monic quadratic polynomials with same coefficients are analyzed and compared in this paper. An application of a monic irreducible quadratic polynomial to a multiple recursive generator (MRG) is proposed. The adopted performance measures are the number of possible vectors of multipliers and the spectral test. For a primitive polynomial and an irreducible polynomial, we perform an exhaustive search for a second-order MRG with the objective of maximizing the spectral test performance. The results indicate that the difference of the number of possible vectors of multipliers can affect the performance of spectral test.

Title: Mechanical Properties of Palmyra Palm Leaf Stalk/ Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyester Hybrid Composite

Abstract:In this paper experimental investigation on the mechanical properties of short randomly oriented Palmyra Palm Leaf Stalk Fiber [PPLSF] and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyester [CFRP] hybrid composite was carried out based on various weight percentages. The Hybrid composite were fabricated by resin transfer moulding or compression moulding technique. The tensile strength, flexural and impact properties of the composite were assessed. The fractured surface of the hybrid composite were analysed using Scanning Electron Microscopy [SEM]. Water absorption performance of the fabricated composite was also studied. Experimental results were compared with other composite which possesses high strength to weight ratio.

Title: Sociodemographic and clinical characterization of patients with tetralogy of fallot

Abstract:The objective of the present study was to evaluate the prevalence and other epidemiological aspects of patients with Tetralogy of Fallot (T4F) who were being followed up in a tertiary referral hospital specialized in the identification and treatment of cardiopathies and pulmonary diseases in Fortaleza. This is a quantitative, transversal, exploratory and retrospective. The sample consisted of 108 patients with a medical diagnosis of the condition, who had undergone cardiac surgery and who had been followed up at said institution in the last 5 years. The study evidenced a prevalence of 11.3% of the diagnosis of Tetralogy, in which the majority were female 50.9%, of the ethnicity 39.8% (43/108), from the interior 55.6% (60 / 108), with married parents 39.8%, with full secondary education 33.3% and Catholic religion 54.6%. The surgical procedure performed in the first year of life was demonstrated in 50.0%, with drug therapy using two drugs by the majority 42.0% and outpatient follow-up in 41.7%. In this context, it is emphasized that surgical treatment should include reduction of complications in the long term and reduce the number of early and late surgeries, providing a better quality of life. It is believed that deepening the knowledge about the management of pediatric patients with T4F, requires a broad commitment and has a large space for new studies, since it is a specific area of cardiology of great relevance for the prognosis of these patients.

Title: Study of morphological and physiological aspects of Alternanthera bettzickiana under salt (NaCl) stress.

Abstract:In plants salt stress has pronounced effect on the growth, morphological and physiological parameters as well as bio-chemical process. Alternanthera bettzickiana is an ornamental erect herb. In this study morphological and physiological responses of A. bettzickiana were investigated adaptability potential of A. bettzickiana to salt tolerance. Salinity was examined at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 dS/mM NaCl for 30 days. Statistical analysis of variance elucidates the highly significant results on A. bettzickiana under salt stress. Maximum growth observed at lowest salinity level having 5 dS/m and least at highest salinity level 30dS/m in all morphological characters of the plant. Increasing levels of salinity increased the activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), proline content, and POD enzyme activity.


Abstract:In 2007-2015 in the Jandar Lake, which located on the border of Azerbaijan and Georgia, 246 fishes of 18 species was studied by a method of complete helminthological autopsy and 21 species of trematodes were found. Most of the detected species are parasites of intestine, muscles and lens of the eyes; in the each of other organs of fish only one species was found. All found species, with the exception of one, are able to parasitize in representatives of one or several families of fishes. In benthophages more than in other fishes were found the species which infect fish as result of eating of benthic invertebrates. In the intestine of predator fishes the trematodes of swallowed by them fishes were registered. Among the all identified trematodes 11 species are the pathogens of fish and 2 species are dangerous to human.

Title: A Finite Element Approach for Design of Pole Bases

Abstract:Various shapes of steel poles are commonly used in the telecommunications and transmission industry for carrying telecommunication equipment to transmit signals for communication equipment or wires and power equipment like transformers etc. for power transmission purposes. These poles vary from 50’ to almost 500’ heights with winds being the governing loads in addition to superimposed equipment loads and snow/ice loads and hence require careful design. The poles vary from being round in geometry to 8/12/16/24/28 sided shapes. With large base diameters and appreciable moments and direct loads, typically the pole baseplates are round, hexagonal or square with/without stiffeners and either rest on the supporting anchor rod base nuts or on grout over the base support, all of which require different analysis/ design procedures. From the literature, one can observe that while baseplate analysis and design for large poles structures has not been amply investigated, limited investigations and testing carried out on base plates designed by various methods and most test results have indicated most procedures to be under designing plates. While AISC and ASCE 48 codes provide limited guidance on design of these various types of pole baseplates, ANSI/EIA/TIA 222F & 222G codes merely refer to AISC for design of these different configurations of baseplates. Many proprietary base plate analysis/design worksheets commercially available produce different results. With the availability of advanced structural analysis techniques like FEA, a comparison is made between the baseplates designed by typical methods using commercially available baseplate worksheets and those designed by using the FEA techniques. The analysis results vary appreciably between the traditional methods and the FEA based method. This paper analyses few pole base plates based on FEA and compares them with the baseplates designed by traditional methods and suggests appropriate improvements in the current design/ analysis procedures so as to reduce the appreciable differences between the both procedures

Title: Diagnosis of forest ecosystems state by geochemical and photosynthetic parameters

Abstract:Geochemical and physiological indices gained at the reference area as well as the antropogenically disturbed area were compared. The study sites comprise 30 sample areas each. Overall, 600 samples of pine needles were designated for the delayed chlorophyll fluorescence measurement as well as 60 samples of soil and pine needles correspondingly were selected to perform the geochemical analysis. The methodology implies the method of recording the relative index of delayed fluorescence with the help of fluorimeter “Photon 10”. The data accumulated in the course of the geochemical analysis allowed to distinguish common geochemical features of the study sites and revealed differences in soil and needles qualities. The value of relative index of delayed fluorescence (RIDF) under the impact of considerable anthropogenic impact is lower by 25% and more related to the reference site. This deviation testifies that the human impact is present even on the early stage of ecosystem degradation.

Title: Use of Masonry Demolition Waste in Concrete

Abstract:Massive amounts of brick waste are obtained from demolition of old buildings and structures around the world. With the increased stress on sustainable construction, and environmentally friendly materials and greener concreting practices, a large proportion of such waste bricks are crushed and mixed with normal aggregates for use in concrete. The performance of concrete containing waste brick aggregates partially replacing normal aggregates have not been investigated for their performance. This paper covers investigations carried out on concrete with such aggregates obtained from demolition waste and mixed with varying proportions of normal aggregates to produce concrete. Two types of crushed brick aggregates were mixed with gravel in the ratios of 30:70 and 40:60 by weight and specimen were cast for investigations. Two w/c ratios were investigated. Various tests were carried out to assess the compressive strength of cubes and cylinders of mixed aggregates concrete along with f1exural strength, stress/strain behavior, moduli of elasticity, ultrasonic pulse velocity determination, densities, surface absorption, shrinkage and frost resistance. The values obtained from these tests were compared with the values of concrete with normal aggregates (gravel) with similar w/c ratios. While the strength tests and durability tests more or less gave satisfactory results however the larger moisture absorption by the waste brick aggregates reduces the frost resistance capacity somewhat thereby care needs to be exercised in using these mixes in regions/ areas susceptible to frost.