Title: Development of cost-effective photovoltaic supervision system using Arduino and MATLAB/Simulink platform

Abstract:This paper presents the development of a photovoltaic (PV) supervision system for commercial PV modules by integrating both Arduino-based data acquisition (DAQ) and MATLAB/Simulink platform, which can provide the function of monitoring, evaluation and warning functions. The measurement data of not only the irradiance but the cell temperature, voltage, and current of PV devices are acquired through an Arduino Mega 2560 board. These measurements are monitored and further input to the built-in PV model for theoretical simulation in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. The comparison between measurement and simulation results for PV performance evaluation under practical working conditions are conducted at the same software platform. A fault detection function is built in the following evaluation. The proposed system has been proved to have both accuracy and confidence in the functions of monitoring, evaluation, and fault detection. As compared with the well-developed ones, the proposed system has the advantage of unification for monitoring, evaluation, and fault detection solely in the MATLAB/Simulink platform.

Title: A Study on Calculation of Surface Roughness in External Plunge Centerless Grinding Process

Abstract:This paper introduces a study on calculation of surface roughness when external plunge centerless grinding. In the study, based on the theory of grinding process, the relationship between the surface roughness and the grinding process parameters including the grinding wheel parameters, the workpiece parameters and so on was taken into account. The results of the surface roughness when external plunge centerless grinding are in agreement with the experimental data. Therefore, they can be used for prediction of the surface roughness in practice.

Title: Review: Unit Root Test in Bounded AR Models

Abstract:Despite of extensive literature on modeling non-stationary economic time series, a controversial and rarely discussed topic is how to interpret and analyze time series whose behavior can be well approximated by means of integrated processes I(1) but are ‘limited’ in the sense that their range is constrained in some ways, which are called ‘bounded time series’. So far, very little work has been undertaken to develop unit root tests which can be applied to bounded time series. it is noted that there are three methods of estimation the test statistics of unit root in bounded AR models which are ordinary least squares (OLS), generalized least squares (GLS), and maximum likelihood (ML). A review of the unit root tests in bounded AR models with these methods of estimation are presented here.

Title: The Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Vancomycin-induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats

Abstract:Background: In this study, we aimed to investigate the protective effect of dexmedetomidine on nephrotoxicity and the mechanism of renoprotection following vancomycin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.\nMethods: Thirty-two albino Wistar rats were divided into four groups of equal sizes. Group C received intraperitoneal (IP) physiological saline solution, Group V received IP 200 mg k-1 vancomycin, Group D received IP 5 µg k-1 dexmedetomidine, and Group V+D received IP 200 mg k-1 vancomycin followed by IP 5 µg k-1 dexmedetomidine 20 minutes after the vancomycin injection. All injections were given every 12 hours apart, for seven days. The renal tissue samples were examined histopathologically. The serum levels of the BUN, Cr, ET-1, NO, TAS, and TOS were evaluated.\nResults: BUN level was significantly higher in Group V compared to the other groups (p<0.05). Cr levels were significantly higher in Group V and Group V+D compared to Group C (p<0.05). The ET-1 level was significantly higher in Group V compared to the other groups (Group V = 244.87 ± 13.3, Group C = 205.04 ± 3.2, Group D = 194.40 ± 7.5, and Group V+D = 231.90 ± 8.6). NO levels were statistically lower in Group V and Group V+D compared to Group C and Group D. Histopathologic assessment revealed that Grade 3 damage was significantly higher in Group V (n = 4) compared to Group V+D (n = 0).\nConclusions: It was determined that vancomycin could stimulate vasoconstrictive mechanisms and inhibit vasodilator mediators, thus causing renal damage. It was also determined that dexmedetomidine, in the dosage applied in the study, can create the opposite effect and reduce the extent of the damage.

Title: Requeening or trapping comb combined with tymol treatment against varroa destructor infestation in honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera L.)

Abstract:In this study, the effectiveness of combining various biotechnical methods with thymol was investigated in against varroa destructor mite during late summer. Experimental colonies were randomly selected, and six study groups were formed with nine colonies in each group. Experimental colonies were created as follows: colonies of renewed queen bees (RQ); colonies in which the queen is trapped on one comb, but worker bees can come and go to carry out their duties (CT); colonies in which ten grams of powdered thymol was added to 90 g of the bee cake, and 100 g of the bee cake with thymol was applied to the colonies (TY); colonies in which the requeen method plus the thymol method were used (RQ+TY); colonies in which the comb trapping method plus the thymol method were used (CT+TY); and untreated control colonies (CC). During the late summer period, the mite infestation level, the sealed brood areas, the bee population, and the effectiveness of applications were determined in the groups. The efficacy of the requeen, the comb trapping, the thymol, the requeen plus thymol, and comb trapping plus thymol methods against Varroa destructor infestation were 40.23%, 39.76%, 80.45%, 98.28%, and 97.93%, respectively.

Title: Some Results on the Extended Hypergeometric Matrix Functions

Abstract:Inspired by certain recent extensions of the gamma, beta and\nGauss hypergeometric matrix functions, we derive various properties\nof the extended Gauss hypergeometric matrix function (EGHMF) such\nas generating functions and integral representations. The results pre-\nsented here are of general character and can yield a number of known\nand new results in the theory of generating functions and integral\nformulas.


Abstract:It weighs on the black population a social situation that defines and demarcates the invisibility, as well as predisposition to certain pathologies and aggravations. A number of factors are linked to this greater predisposition, and the programmatic nature of vulnerability is something to be studied and elucidated. In this perspective, this study aimed to track breast cancer among black quilombola women, as well as evaluate the assistance provided in primary health care. Descriptive, cross-sectional study conducted in the south central region of the State of Piauí, northeastern Brazil, with women from four quilombola communities in the year 2017. Participants were asked about social, demographic and health related information. Mammography was also performed. Regarding the clinical characteristics and anthropometric profile of the quilombola women, 47.7% reported never having had an examination, 16.3% reported feeling pain in the breasts and 6.2% reported having observed fluid leaving the breasts, 7.7% were smokers, and 30.8%, former smokers and 12.3% were alcoholic. The results of the anthropometric evaluation by the Body Mass Index showed a high percentage of women with low weight (60%). Regarding the results of the mammography, 92.4% of the women evaluated presented normal results, and 7.6%, with benign findings. Data related to the assistance received from the Family Health Strategy revealed that 53.8% of the participants use the health center, while 46.2% use or do not use this service. It was verified that the assistance carried out by the Family Health Strategy needs to be intensified in order to create and strengthen its references to the quilombola community.

Title: Guiding potency of relative amorphicity for managing advanced electron beam irradiation-based bioethanol frame

Abstract:To halt the analytical ambiguity (for predicting productivity) of 2nd-generation bioethanol system via inevitable pretreatments (here by radical-based attack), the potential of relative amorphicity as a novel index was examined regardless of program type. From the cross compatibility (by applying linear regression) of bioconversion efficiencies, it showed that the relative amorphicity-based interpretations are far superior to the traditional methods (e.g., crystallinity index (CrI) and relative crystallinity). The mass balance-based significance in general went up by approximately 78 percent. Besides that, the realization of eco-friendliness was supported in a series of step-by-step processes. This approach poses several scalabilities (e.g., substrate and process), as well. Based on this fact, it is hoped that all bioenergy organizations will stage a comeback.


Abstract:Objective: To identify in the literature the most prevalent types of injuries in motorcyclists victims of road traffic accidents.\nMethodology: Integrative literature review of primary studies published between 2009 and 2017 in Portuguese, English and Spanish sought in SCIELO, LILACS, BDENF, Pubmed, Web of Science, and CINAHL databases using the descriptors: wounds and injuries; motorcycles; and traffic accidents.\nResults: A total of 475 publications were found; after application of the inclusion criteria for duplicity and content adequacy, a final number of 18 articles were chosen. The most common types of lesions were lacerations, cuts, excoriations and fractures, differing only in the order of injury. The most affected body parts were lower limbs, followed by upper limbs, head and face. However, facial injuries had the lowest frequency in some studies, justified by the proper use of protective equipment, especially the helmet.\nConclusions: The evidences found in the review indicate the need for involvement of health professionals and other related sectors in the care of motorcyclists in order to reduce the socioeconomic and clinical impacts of accidents, as victims are usually young individuals in productive age. We believe that the analysis of the information in this study and in other researches associated to the strict inspection and raising the awareness of the population are fundamental to change the number of motorcyclists\nwho become victims of traffic accidents, as well as the rates of injuries and sequels resulting thereof.


Abstract:Inflammatory bowel disease represents a global public health issue with wide range that occurs more often in young people. This study aimed to review about Crohn\'s disease from epidemiology, etiopathogenetic, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, drug interactions and patients’ quality of life. This is a literature review searching databases such as croncrhe, scopus, Medline. The results of the searched sources showed that Crohn\'s disease is gaining a global trend of high incidence rates in developed, industrialized countries, with strong female predominance. The etiology is still unknown, but there are theories that try to explain the phenomenon. The disease has intestinal and extra intestinal clinical manifestations, in which the latter depends on the disease degree of involvement. The disease diagnosis is clinical and is configured as a priori difficult diagnosis, as it has signs and symptoms common to several other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. The treatment is performed through corticosteroids anti-factor neoplastic, recently incorporated into the health system network. Regarding the quality of life, there is negative interference in the individuals’ lives. Crohn\'s disease is an aggravating condition and it requires constant monitoring to decrease manifestations involving quality of life.