Title: Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms on Climate Big Data

Abstract:We performed comparison study on Extreme Gradient Boosting, Support Vector Machine, and Deep Learning algorithms, to be specific Python xgboost, SVR from sklearn.svm respectively and LSTM from Keras, to find out the performance of each algorithm on world climate data. In our experimental study, we derive optimal sets of parameters for each algorithm. Keeping in mind that the performance of individual machine learning algorithm is heavily dependent on the dataset, we find XGB shows relatively better performance consuming more computing resources over SVM and LSTM.

Title: Pharmacological Treatments of Parkinson\'s Disease in the Elderly: An Overview of Phase IV Clinical Trials

Abstract:Background: Parkinson\'s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the loss of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. It affects approximately 10 million people worldwide and primarily manifests in older adults. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms, but there is currently no cure.\nObjectives: To compile and provide descriptions of medications that has successfully completed Phase 4 clinical trials for the treatment of Parkinson\'s disease in older adults.\nMethods: We examined the applications of the tested medications for Parkinson\'s disease by analyzing relevant phase IV trials that were publicly registered at clinicaltrials.gov\nResults: On March 13, 2023, we found 3,418 trials on clinicaltrials.gov. After filtering, 98 eligible trials remained. Out of those, 44 trials met all the inclusion criteria for the study. 23 medications were tested in these trials, such as rotigotine, pramipexole, and rasagiline, which can help manage symptoms such as pain, non-motor issues (apathy, depression), cognitive impairments, fatigue, and various challenges. Showing effectiveness in managing the symptoms, but no cure has been identified.\nConclusions: The management of Parkinson\'s disease requires careful consideration of specific factors pertaining to the patient, including symptoms, age, and the stage of the disease. A wide range of pharmacological, nonpharmacological, and surgical therapies are available to alleviate patients\' symptoms and enhance their quality of life.

Title: Perception of vulnerability to climate change in rural communities of cunduac�n, Tabasco: adaptation strategy

Abstract:Climate change (CC) implies recent, rapid and more intense changes in climate. Its effects are reflected by the planet\'s natural processes and in human activities that impact socioeconomic and environmental systems. The research objective was to identify the perception of CC of the inhabitants of Cúlico 2nd Section, Huimango 1st Section and ejido La Chonita, through the Correspondence Analysis (CA) and vulnerability elements, estimating the criteria of Exposure (E), Sensitivity (S) and Adaptive Capacity (CA) that allows strengthening, through social participation, the capacities and values of the population. The study area is located near oil fields that generate environmental impacts, mainly on cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and corn (Zea mays) crops. A qualitative and quantitative analysis was carried out on a sample of 180 individuals. The results suggest that the population is exposed to the consequences of climatic events and degradation of natural resources, that there is sensitivity in their productive systems to diseases and in the quality of basic services, which limits the capacity for adequate response; it is important to generate actions to address local vulnerability, to strengthen the capacities and socio-environmental values of the population and to implement mitigation and adaptation actions, based on social participation and the formation of collaborative networks with other communities

Title: Differences in physiological parameters and milk performance according to season and temperature humidity index in Montbeliarde and Brown Swiss cows in Tunisia

Abstract:This study aims to evaluate the physiological responses and the milk performance of Montbéliarde (MB; n=30) and Brown Swiss (BS; n=30) cows to seasonal variation raised under the same Mediterranean climate in the region of Jendouba, northwest of Tunisia. Heat stress was determined across the Temperature Humidity Index (THI). The experiment was carried out in Autumn (THI = 60) and Summer (THI=76). Weekly rectal temperature (RT; °C), respiratory rate (RR; respirations per minute), heart rate (HR; beats per minute), and panting score (PS) were measured per cow in each season. Individual milk yield and samples were recorded weekly and collected in duplicate for chemical analyses. The study shows that when THI increased from 60 to 76, there was a statistically sig-nificant increase (P < 0.01) in RT (+4.02 vs +2.21%), HR (+20.47 vs +17.02 %), and RR (+54.58 vs +41.8%) for MB and BS respectively. The most correlated variables with THI (P <0.0001) were RR (r = 0.924) and PS (r = 0.943). The milk yield decreased by 13.42 and 10.74% for MB and BS, respectively. The drop of milk fat (MF) and milk protein (MP) decreased significantly (P < 0.01) by (14.78 vs 5.4 %) and (19.29% vs 10.8%) for MB and BS, respectively. Under the same farming and climatic conditions, Brown Swiss seems to be more heat tolerant than Montbéliarde.

Title: An Analysis of the Potential Fuels and Renewable Auxiliary Energy Sources for Shipping Companies during the Zero Carbon Transition

Abstract:Greenhouse effect carbon emission control has seriously affected world shipping, and the choice of alternative energy sources has become a challenging task. To meet this task, a variety of technologies and energy developments are essential for reducing carbon emissions associated with shipping. The search for the best maritime fuel has been a lengthy process, and at this stage, the global shipping industry is primarily facing a number of alternative energy sources with only limited carbon reduction capacity and high infrastructure investment. This study conducts a questionnaire survey of the world\'s major container, bulk, and tanker operators from the perspective of the industry, using technological, economic, environmental, societal, and fuel scalability factors to construct an analytical model of the impact of energy choices and the optimal fuel mix during the zero-carbon transitional period. FAHP and FTOPSIS were used to explore the objective opinions of container, bulk, and tanker operators regarding their energy mix during the zero-carbon transition period. The study results show that \"fuel legality\" is the key influencing factor and that \"synthetic fuel\" and \"solar cells\" are the most suitable possibilities as a carbon reduction combination of an alternative fuel and renewable auxiliary energy respectively at this stage of maritime transportation.

Title: Supporting undergraduate students in selected Open Distance and eLearning institution.

Abstract:Supporting undergraduate students is important to ensure student success especially in using the Learning Management Systems (LMS). The case study research reviewed literature of student support, Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL), challenges and strategies for student support in ODeL context. The aim of the study was to investigate student support in ODeL context. The aim of of the study was to investigate student support in ODeL. The case study was designed to draw from qualitative research so as to deepen the understanding of student support in ODeL context. Purposive sampling was used to interview 7 lecturers as participants from a total number of about 30 lecturers. The researcher adopted Garrison, Anderson and Archer\'s Community of Inquiry framework to study the case in - depth. The findings suggested that some lecturers do not have the necessary skills to support student on the learning management. Nevetherless, some participants interviewed do not have qualifications in online learning. More importantly, the selected institution had adopted ODeL to promote access of higher education at the business school. Some of the challenges that the institution is experiencing is the lack of internet connectivity on the LMS. Workload is sometimes hampering lecturers to support students on the LMS. The study has recommended that academics should be trained on strategies and approaches to support students in ODeL. Therefore, training lecturers in new technologies should also be considered. In conclusion , student support is the cornerstone of distance education in higher education institutions.

Title: Factor affecting on gender identity disorder among Saudi�s Women

Abstract:Gender Identity Disorder GID has negative psychological and social effects on individuals and society, its spread has led to the emergence of strange behaviors in the Arab community in general, and in school and university settings. For Arab societies, including Saudi Arabia, there is insufficient information on the prevalence of GID. The study attempted to determine the prevalence rates of GID, and the difference in GID using some demographic variables (age, economic status, Gregorian ordinal number of family members), determine the difference between abused and non-abused women. the GID Scale was used on a sample of (799) Saudi Women’s, their ages ranged between (18-29) with an average age of 75.24, a standard deviation of 37.9. The result showed prevalence of gender identity disorder according to the age variable24.75, In terms of economic level, the average prevalence of GID was 24.75, Regarding the Gregorian order, it showed that the mean prevalence of gender identity disorder was 24.75, In terms of family size, it showed that the mean prevalence of GID was 24.75, In addition to that there are no significant differences between abused and non-abused women, both in the overall degree of gender identity disorder and in the subdimensions.

Title: A pipe configuration for smoothening pressure pulsation in a pipeline exporting multiphase hydrocarbon fluid

Abstract:This paper investigates the nature of the problems arising during transportation of natural gas to the required distance after initial field processing, taking into account the phase relationship of the mixture and its aerosol-dispersion properties. Based on the mechanisms for obtaining dispersed systems a special pipe design - \"Flow Centrifuge\" was recommended which creates a vortex movement at the points of liquid accumulation in the pipeline for maintaining a single dispersion phase state of natural gas during transportation. The design has been achieved without compromising pipeline internal diameter and any moving parties. \nThe effectiveness of the proposed Flow Centrifuge pipe element has been investigated in a special laboratory facility depending on its dimensional parameters. Obtained correlations allow determining the optimal dimensions of the Flow Centrifuge device in the given pipeline parameters. As a result of numerous experimental rounds conducted on the pipeline model, the application of the proposed Flow Centrifuge pipe design achieved significantly smoothening pressure pulsation regime by maintain the aerosol-dispersion state of the flowing natural gas. Thus, an average reduction of differential pressure fluctuation amplitude was more than 5 times during multiphase, liquid and gas mixture flow.

Title: Quality of life and its relationship to the level of leadership skills of educational leaders

Abstract:This research aimed to study the relationship between the quality of life and the level of leadership skills among educational leaders, and to identify the level of each of the quality of life and leadership skills among educational leaders, and to study the differences in the quality of life and the level of leadership skills among educational leaders according to the gender variable, and to study the relationship between the educational level and the number of Years of service, quality of life, and level of leadership skills among educational leaders. The research tools were the general data questionnaire, the quality of life questionnaire, and the leadership skills questionnaire. The research was applied to a sample consisting of (322) educational leaders in the educational departments in the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, males and females, of different educational levels, and they had different years of service. The research followed the descriptive analytical method.\nthe most important results was a positive correlation with statistical significance between the quality of life and the level of leadership skills among educational leaders at a significant level (0.01). Their leadership skills, the level of quality of life and the leadership skills of educational leaders are average. Statistically significant differences were found at a significant level of (0.001) in each of some dimensions of quality of life and some aspects of leadership skills among educational leaders, according to gender. There is a positive correlation with statistical significance between the educational level and the number of years of service and each of the quality of life and the level of leadership skills of educational leaders at a significant level (0.001).

Title: Empowering Saudi women from establishing small projects in the light of kingdom\'s vision 2030 reality- challenges- horizons of development

Abstract:The present study aims at detecting the effect of the availability of the features of Empowering Saudi women from establishing small projects in the light of kingdom\'s vision 2030 reality- challenges- horizons of development. The study used descriptive analytical method, the total sample of the study reached 574 people from those who work in small projects inside the kingdom, and referendum has used as a tool of collecting the data of the study. The study reached many results; the most important were the percentage of the acceptance of study sample, principles of indulgence in the field of small projects reached 100%. Weather, in the level of worker or non-worker women or those who look for job or homemakers. The results also show that the majority of the sample of the study prefer establishing small commercial project, productive projects, and then service projects. The results reveals that a high increase in the availability of all features of empowering Saudi women from establishing small projects. while the degree of the availability of the skills of work initiation for Saudi women was from medium to low from its point of view, as for the availability of leading skills for Saudi women was from medium to high, as for technical skills it was low. The results also revealed a high degree of the challenges that face Saudi women to establish small projects from its point of view. At last, the study put some recommendations to develop leading and technical skills for Saudi women in the light of the results of the study.