Title: Guiding potency of relative amorphicity for managing advanced electron beam irradiation-based bioethanol frame

Abstract:To halt the analytical ambiguity (for predicting productivity) of 2nd-generation bioethanol system via inevitable pretreatments (here by radical-based attack), the potential of relative amorphicity as a novel index was examined regardless of program type. From the cross compatibility (by applying linear regression) of bioconversion efficiencies, it showed that the relative amorphicity-based interpretations are far superior to the traditional methods (e.g., crystallinity index (CrI) and relative crystallinity). The mass balance-based significance in general went up by approximately 78 percent. Besides that, the realization of eco-friendliness was supported in a series of step-by-step processes. This approach poses several scalabilities (e.g., substrate and process), as well. Based on this fact, it is hoped that all bioenergy organizations will stage a comeback.


Abstract:Objective: To identify in the literature the most prevalent types of injuries in motorcyclists victims of road traffic accidents.\nMethodology: Integrative literature review of primary studies published between 2009 and 2017 in Portuguese, English and Spanish sought in SCIELO, LILACS, BDENF, Pubmed, Web of Science, and CINAHL databases using the descriptors: wounds and injuries; motorcycles; and traffic accidents.\nResults: A total of 475 publications were found; after application of the inclusion criteria for duplicity and content adequacy, a final number of 18 articles were chosen. The most common types of lesions were lacerations, cuts, excoriations and fractures, differing only in the order of injury. The most affected body parts were lower limbs, followed by upper limbs, head and face. However, facial injuries had the lowest frequency in some studies, justified by the proper use of protective equipment, especially the helmet.\nConclusions: The evidences found in the review indicate the need for involvement of health professionals and other related sectors in the care of motorcyclists in order to reduce the socioeconomic and clinical impacts of accidents, as victims are usually young individuals in productive age. We believe that the analysis of the information in this study and in other researches associated to the strict inspection and raising the awareness of the population are fundamental to change the number of motorcyclists\nwho become victims of traffic accidents, as well as the rates of injuries and sequels resulting thereof.


Abstract:Inflammatory bowel disease represents a global public health issue with wide range that occurs more often in young people. This study aimed to review about Crohn\'s disease from epidemiology, etiopathogenetic, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, drug interactions and patients’ quality of life. This is a literature review searching databases such as croncrhe, scopus, Medline. The results of the searched sources showed that Crohn\'s disease is gaining a global trend of high incidence rates in developed, industrialized countries, with strong female predominance. The etiology is still unknown, but there are theories that try to explain the phenomenon. The disease has intestinal and extra intestinal clinical manifestations, in which the latter depends on the disease degree of involvement. The disease diagnosis is clinical and is configured as a priori difficult diagnosis, as it has signs and symptoms common to several other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. The treatment is performed through corticosteroids anti-factor neoplastic, recently incorporated into the health system network. Regarding the quality of life, there is negative interference in the individuals’ lives. Crohn\'s disease is an aggravating condition and it requires constant monitoring to decrease manifestations involving quality of life.

Title: The study on fungi isolated from oil-contaminated saline ponds

Abstract:14 highly salt-tolerant fungal strains identified as Aspergillus, Mucor and Penicillium species were isolated from oil-contaminated saline water samples. Aspergillus niger A3 displayed the fastest onset and highest extent of biodegradation of crude oil. A. niger A3 was able to grow in 0-15.0% concentrations of sodium chloride, with optimum growth at 5.0% and had maximum salt tolerance of 15%. NaCl up to five percent stimulated the growth of A. niger A3 in comparison with medium without added salt. \nThe most obvious response of A. niger A3 to salinity were an increase in a total amount of amino acids and small carbohydrates in biomass. The concentration of lipids was directly correlated with the salt concentration in the medium. The fatty acid profile of the fungus was also influenced by salinity.

Title: Nutrition and Cancer

Abstract:colorectal cancer, food frequency questionnaire, dietary fiber, fatty acid, calcium


Abstract:The aim of the study was to create an artificial test-bite design as close as possible to the most commonly used natural test bite - peanuts. \nMaterial and methods. The artificial test bite matrix was developed on the basis of various types of silicones, fillers and plasticizers. Its properties were evaluated by Tira Test machine 2300SE/100kN using both flat surfaces and dental surfaces. Shore hardness was defined by a Mitutoyo Durometer. Results. Those designs of a test bite with good elasticity (No. I and X) required greater efforts to break it down and chew it. The least force to break down the test bite was detected in design No. XVIII, which exhibited a well-defined plasticity and closest structural characteristics to the natural test bite. The stiffness values (N/m) proved to be significantly lower when force was applied by a dental surface in comparison to a flat surface. The former met the requirements for food fragmentation in the oral cavity to a greater extent. The processing of the statistical data verified the reliability of the results obtained (RSD = 1.07%, set criterion ≤ 2%).\nConclusion. All artificial test-bite designs under study displayed sufficient Shore hardness and closely resembled the qualities of natural test bites.


Abstract:Objective: To analyze the role of nursing in the context of improvements in the care provided to the elderly with self - care deficits. Methodology: This is an integrative review of literature with a qualitative approach, using a database such as BIREME, LILACS, SCIELO and nursing journals. Results: It is reported that the family caregiver faces several problems when he assumes this role, a main complaint is not the help of other people, which generates overload. Conclusion: The nurse has a necessary role in the integral health care of the elderly, because with this professional the quality of care can reach levels of excellence, because the importance of this professional is not the cult and the intensity, knowing that they are challenges faced by these professionals are great with the caregiver and the elderly.


Abstract:The aim of this research was to present the capacity of the T-scan 8 system for the articulation of complete dentures in dynamics, by objectively evaluating the results through a functional examination of the masticatory efficiency and investigating the subjective assessments of the patients.\nThirty two patients (16 women and 16 men, aged 71 閸?? 9.28 years) with complete dentures were studied. In the stage of delivering the constructions, articulation and masticatory efficiency were examined by applying an experimental model of the 闁炽儲闃?rotab闁??? artificial mouthful in the sequence of a predetermined clinical protocol. Patient satisfaction was studied.\nThe results showed achievement of normal disocclusion time (DT) (mean 0.15 閸?? 0.10 s), minimum DT (0.06 s), maximum DT (0.38 s) and a median of 0.10 s. For chewing the 闁炽儲闃?rotab闁??? artificial mouthful, the patients used an average of 39.00 閸?? 10 chewing movements for an average chewing duration of 38.06 閸?? 3.184 s at a fraction size of 1.211 閸?? 0.198 mm. There was a statistically significant correlation (R = 0.472, P < 0.001) between the chewing duration and the fraction size. The results were confirmed subjectively.\nThe proposed clinical protocol allows for a modern approach in the articulation of complete dentures under digital control, to achieve functionally fit, bilaterally balanced occlusion.

Title: The study of juice produced from pumpkin, dog-rose and persimmon using the coupagemethod

Abstract:One of the most important current problems is providing population with ecologically pure, high quality fruit juices. Fruit juices are rich in simple sugars, vitamins, phenolic compounds, organic acids, mineral substances and other components, which are useful for human organism. Nutritional composition of fruit juices is very important in the regulation of metabolism. Therefore, the aim of our work was producing juices using the coupage method from pumpkin, dog-rose and persimmon fruits cultivated without medical preparations. \nPumpkin juice was found to be rich in β-carothine-the substitute of vitamin A, nevertheless, vitamin C, phenolic compounds, simple sugars, organic acids and even some mineral elements occurred in small quantities in the composition of this fruit.Dog-rose juice is rich in vitamin C and organic acids, while persimmon juice is rich in glucose, fructose, iodine and phenolic compounds having antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Therefore, a new juice was prepared by blending pumpkin, dog-rose and persimmon juices. According to the results of the degustation the juice resulting from coupage was rated at 9,6 points and had higher qualities compared to other juices.

Title: Design and Analysis of Reversible Realization of Vedic Multiplier Circuit

Abstract:Low power high speed digital systems are the main requirement of this era. Moreover, multiplication part of any digital system is considered speed lim-iting component, because multiplication part of the system is actually among the slowest components of any digital computing system. Vedic multipliers improve the speed of overall digital system due to fast calculations. Furthermore, design-ing any digital circuit using reversible logic technique provides low power loss digital devices. Here, in this paper, we have proposed an optimized approach to design 2×2 size vedic multiplier circuit using reversible logic approach. Proposed design is also compared with existing designs on some selected performance pa-rameters such as total number of reversible logic gates, constant input signals applied, garbage outputs generated and quantum cost. Proposed design approach is synthesized and simulated for Xilinx software and ModelSim simulator. This design may be further explored for the designing of other low power high speed calculating devices.