Title: Determination of Optimal Threshold Value and Number of Keypoints in SIFT-based Copy-Move Forgery Detection

Abstract:To detect manipulation of digital images, a digital forensic method is needed. One form of manipulation that is often done is copy-move manipulation. Therefore, a simulation software to detect a copy-move forgery to determine the image authenticity is needed. The copy-move forgery detection process begins with the preprocessing stage to ensure that the image is ready to process in the next stage. Then, test image is feature-extracted using feature transform-based extraction, called Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT). The last step is the forgery detection process using nearest-neighbor method based on Euclidean distance similarity measures. The method is called Generalized 2 Nearest-Neighbor (G2NN) with 3 variations of threshold value T, these are: 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5, respectively. Based on the testing with variations in minimum number matched keypoints are 2, 5 and 10, respectively. The highest accuracy level without Gaussian noise attack reached is 100% with threshold value T 0.4 and minimum number of matched keypoint are 2 keypoints. In testing with Gaussian noise, the highest accuracy level achieved is 65% with threshold values T 0.4 and 0.5 and minimum number of matched keypoints are 2 keypoints.


Abstract:This paper shows future trends in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, approached from the Colombian reality, using benchmarking as a methodological tool. The study was of a bibliographic nature through the analysis of specific literature on the subject, using data record tabs as a tool for collecting information from books, articles, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers. Some aspects were then identified such as the production and commercialization of cannabis for medicinal use, the extensive use of cannabis compounds in medicines and drugs, the development of cannabis-based drugs with prolonged release, the worldwide increase in the demand of cannabis for medicinal use, the substitution of illicit crops and legalization of controlled use, hydroponic crops, low-cost procedures for operating and usage licenses, among others.

Title: The World Culture Heritage space of Ho dynasty citadel in Vietnam (A Case Study of Three Bong Villages)

Abstract:Comprising in the cultural space of Ho Dynasty fortress, a world cultural Heritage, Bong land or the old Dong Bien now consists of three villages: Bong Thuong (Vinh Hung), Bong Ha (Vinh Minh ) and Bong Trung (Vinh Tan). Located in Nga-Ba-Bong, the Bong was the convergence of many inhabitants and the place where the cross-cultural process of different cultural traditions took place for ages ago. Bong land is not only associated with the transfer of the capital city taken by Ho Quy Ly at the end of the fourteenth century but also the land of ‘‘rise up originaly” of Trinh Lords, the homeland of the General Hoang Dinh Ai and a well-known man Tong Duy Tan. Along with the advantage of geographical location, the variety of natural conditions and the diversity of the population, the ongoing development of this historical area during more than six centuries has established a unique historical-cultural space. In the history-cultural flow of the nation, there is also much cultural heritage related to the advent of Tay Do Citadel, Le-Trinh periods and the Hung Linh Counter-insurgency. Along with the research results of the Ho dynasty fortress, accessing to Bong\'s cultural space in relationships including natural conditions, social environment and historical circumstances will also contribute to decoding the unknowns of Tay Do World cultural heritage and cultural sediments in this region.


Abstract:This text aims to identify evidence available in the literature on nursing care for hospitalized elderly. This is an integrative review, with publications between 2013 and 2019, indexed in the electronic databases BDENF, CINAHL, LILACS, PubMed and Web of Science. From the inclusion criteria established, 20 articles were selected. The articles allowed the results to be organized into three thematic categories: perceptions of the elderly about nursing care; practice environment and the main difficulties perceived by nurses; and nursing care and strategies directed to geriatric specificities. We conclude that the studies showed that there is a massification of nursing procedures and guidelines in order to meet the demand for services.

Title: Penetration of an Infiltrant and an Adhesive into Natural Proximal Noncavitated Caries Lesions � a Comparative In Vitro Study

Abstract:Abstract\nResin infiltration of non-cavitated proximal caries lesions has been shown to inhibit further demineralization. Aim. The aim of the article was to compare the penetration ability of an infiltrant and an adhesive into natural non-cavitated caries lesions. Materials and methods: Extracted human permanent premolars and molars with proximal non-cavitated carious white spot lesions were cut across the lesions perpendicular to the surface and lesion depth was examined with a stereomicroscope. The paired lesion halves were randomly allocated to be treated with either an infiltrant or an adhesive, preliminarily labeled with 0.1% of TRITC. Specimens were observed by confocal laser microscopy in dual fluorescence mode. Lesion depths, penetration depths and percentage of penetration were measured. Results: The infiltrant demonstrated significantly higher penetration ability (penetration depth 318 µm, percentage of penetration 49.78%) than the adhesive (penetration depth 57.69 µm, percentage of penetration 8.85%). Conclusion: The infiltration of non-cavitated caries lesions is a promising approach to arrest lesion progression.

Title: Effectiveness of Tending Activities in Broadleaved Forests

Abstract:Cuttings in forest tending are the most effective and widespread activities in the cultivation system of highly productive sustainable plantations. The aim of the study is to assess the response of plantations in general and individual trees to thinnings of different intensity, carried out in management of broadleaved forests. The research target is forests located on the forestry fund lands of the Bashkortostan Republic. The research is based on the method of test areas used in complete enumeration and selection of sample trees of Tilia cordata Mill. There was conducted an analysis of variability of morphological characteristics of lime trees after thinnings of different intensity in young stands (from 50 to 75 %). After cleaning from 1 to 10 shoots were on mother stumps. The analysis showed that thinnings have a direct impact on formation of trunks and crowns of target trees: low intensity thinning provides a strong variation (the crown length – 21,2%, the crown projection diameter – 37,9%), while high intensity cutting brings in less change (the crown length – 11,7%, the crown projection diameter– 18,0%). The felling intensity influenced the nature of flowering and distribution of flowers: on the plot with an intensity of 75% and 1 shoot on the stump, there is the highest occurrence of flowering trees – 20.8%; while on the plot after thinning with 50% intensity and an average number of 10 shoots on the stump, 55.3% of trees didn\'t bloom. In general, there are 4.2-20.8% trees with very good flowering and uniform arrangement of flowers throughout the crown. Studies have found that thinning of young stands in aspen forests, located close to beekeeping apiaries, makes it possible to restock the plots with nectar plantations of predominantly small-leaved lime trees.

Title: The Effects of Mindfulness- Cognitive based Therapy on Cognition and Sleep Quality among Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Abstract:This study aimed to examine the effects of mindfulness- cognitive based intervention program on cognition and sleep quality among elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment. A Quasi-experimental design used to accomplish the aim of this study. This study was conducted at inpatient geriatric wards at AL-Abassia Psychiatric hospital for Mental Health. A purposive sample consisted of (50) mildly cognitive impaired elderly. The sample divided randomly into two groups; study group (24) and control group (26). Five tools were used to gather the data for the present study; a) Personal Data Sheet; b)Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory; c) Montreal Cognitive Assessment; d) Perceived Stress Scale and e) Sleep Quality Assessment. A constructed mindfulness – cognitive based intervention program was designed to help patients to develop and promote necessary skills of mindful meditations to be more attentive , less stressful and better sleep quality . Also the program could empower patients\' cognitive abilities by utilizing cognitive strategies (involving attention and memory).. The program sessions was composed of two parts; first part concerned with mindfulness meditation practices and the other part emphasized on cognitive stimulation training to improve attention, memory ,and overall wellbeing including sleep .pre and post assessment was carried for both groups (study and control ). The current study results revealed overall significant effects of mindfulness-cognitive based program regarding reducing of perceived stress, improving of sleep quality and practicing of mindfulness, while cognition showed a non-statistical significant result. Educational level was a significant factor affect the program. Practicing of mindfulness correlated positively with patient\'s cognition, and negatively correlated with patient\'s perceived stress and quality of sleep. So, the study concluded that mindfulness – cognitive based intervention program was effective with mild cognitive impaired elderly patient concerning the improving sleep quality and reducing perceived stress. The study recommended that, there is a great need for performing long-term follow-up in order to evaluate the effects of Mindfulness-cognitive based intervention program on long run and integrate this program out and inpatients units that render services for cognitive impaired older patients.

Title: A Case of Gallbladder Carcinoma with Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy and Leukocytosis

Abstract:An 82-year-old woman visited our hospital with right abdominal pain. Computed tomography showed a solitary tumor in the right lobe of the liver. Serological examinations showed hypercalcemia with an elevated parathyroid hormone-related peptide level and leukocytosis with an elevated serum granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) level. She was diagnosed with gallbladder carcinoma with humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy (HHM) and leukocytosis due to suspected G-CSF production. She received conservative treatment for hypercalcemia; she died within a month after the diagnosis. Autopsy findings indicated an undifferentiated gallbladder adenocarcinoma without bone metastasis. This was a rare case of gallbladder carcinoma with HHM and suspected G-CSF production.

Title: Metric strategy for real-time processes

Abstract:These In this project, we propose a metric that was designed and implemented a real-time process scheduling algorithm, capable of improving the results for assigning tasks based on a consensus among several nodes of a mobile distributed system. In such a way that the data of a mobile device can be transferred and located in a network without losing information, we take into account the delay quality. This project was intended to give a real-time planning and routing vision, which allowed the obtaining of good results without loss of information, looking for no local minimums. Also, it was proposed to construct a routing algorithm to maintain and construct a scheduler, considering an online compensation for the distribution of loads, in addition to optimizing the route of the messages, reducing the communication time based on the routing problem.

Title: Transformational leadership and organizational justice in cooperative organizations

Abstract:This article evaluates the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational justice in its dimensions of procedural justice and interactional justice in cooperative organizations in southern Colombia. To measure the variables, two questionnaires were applied using a Likert scale. To validate the hypothesis with the SPSS-AMOS software, the Structural Equations Model was used. A significant and positive relationship was determined between transformational leadership practices and the perception of organizational justice in the proposed dimensions. The results were consistent with the current literature.