Title: Investigating the Validity and Reliability of the Four New Renzulli Scales for Rating the Behavioural Characteristics of Superior Students

Abstract:This study investigates the psychometric properties of the four new scales added by\nRenzulli and his colleagues to the Scales for Rating the Behavioural Characteristics of\nSuperior Students (SRBCSS) and to find out some indications of validity and reliability\non a sample of Jordanian students. The sample of the study consisted of 278 regular and\ngifted students who were chosen according to the intended method. The study was based\non descriptive statistical methodology.\nThe results indicated that the four scales met the accepted validity and reliability\nindicators, which justified their use as an important tool in identifying the highly gifted\nstudents. The validity of the scales was verified using confirmatory factorial analysis,\nexploratory factorial analysis, discriminate validity, construct validity and face validity.\nThe results of the factorial analysis of the Jordanian version of the (SRBCSS) revealed\nthat the same four factors exist as in the original version, as also the ability of the scales\nto distinguish between superior students (Jubilee) and ordinary students. An acceptable\nreliability was also obtained using split-half-procedure, Cronbach Alpha, and test/retest\nreliability.

Title: Cognitive Emotion Regulation among Students of the Master`s and Bachelor`s degree at Al-Falah University in Dubai

Abstract:The present study aimed to identify the cognitive emotion regulation strategies of a sample of students at the University of Al-Falah in the bachelor\'s and master\'s degrees, and the detection of differences in those strategies attributed to gender, specialization or study level (BA, MA). The study sample consisted of (240) students in the bachelor\'s degree in the fields of business administration, mass communication, law, and (28) students in the master\'s degree in business administration,the cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire, which consists of (36) items, measures the cognitive strategies of emotion regulation.\nThe results of the study showed that the strategy of positive reappraisal ranked first as the most used strategies by the university students, followed by the strategy of refocus on planning, positive refocusing, and the least strategies used is catastrophizing. The study also found that there were statistically significant differences in the level of (0.05) and less among the students in the cognitive emotion regulation according to the variables of sex (male / female), specialization and level of study. Females were found to make more use of putting into perspective and focus on Thought/Rumination. Males were found to make more use of positive reappraisal and other- blame. The results also showed that there are significant differences between students from the faculty of law and students from the college of business administration in the strategies of refocus on planning, positive refocusing, focus on Thought/Rumination, self-blame, catastrophizing for the benefit of students from the faculty of business administration. And differences between students from the faculty of mass communication and students from the college of business administration, on the other hand, in the strategies of refocus on planning, positive refocusing, focus on Thought/Rumination, self-blame, for the benefit of students from the faculty of mass communication. First-level students showed a higher level of use of refocus on planning, positive refocusing, other- blame compared to students of the second, third, fourth, and master levels

Title: Appling the multi-objective interactive compromise approach for the security-constrained unit commitment

Abstract:This paper presents a multi-objective interactive compromise in the approach to solve the Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) by considering the multi-pollutants and operational cost. The Stochastic Weight Trade-off Particle Swarm Optimization (SWT_PSO) is used in this problem. The data of thermal units, including the multi-pollutants, are used to derive various models of cost and emissions. By using the relation between fuel input and generation output, emission models of multi-fuels, such as CO2, SOx, NOx, etc., are established to formulate a single-objective function of the various pollutants. The single objective, including emissions objective and cost objective, is solved using SWT_PSO while satisfying operational constraints. By the normalized weighting method, a new objective function is formulated to represent the multi-objective problem. SWT_PSO is also used to solve this multi-objective, which finds the minimal total cost and emissions, and the ON/OFF status and generations of units under the operational and system’s constraints. The effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm are demonstrated by using a Simplified TPC 345KV system. Simulation results will provide an alternative tool for thermal unit commitment problems to increase the searching efficiency dependent upon Decision Makers (DMs). DMs can regulate the weight factors of objectives to solve the problems of SCUC and emission control.


Abstract:The worker inserted in the highly competitive labor market and marked by the scarcity of jobs must be prepared to face the constant pressures for productivity in companies. Labor motivation strategies, expressed in organizational values, can be effective when directly corresponding to the goals and values of workers. This study investigated the influence of organizational values on affective commitment and entrenchment bonds, as well as the moderation of resilience on these relationships. For this purpose, the study was conducted by a single cross-sectional quantitative survey, by a printed questionnaire. The data were collected on the spot, in a single company located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and 151 workers of the administrative area of the company took part in this study. For hypothesis testing, the analysis of structural equations was carried out. A positive relationship was found between the variable organizational values and the variables organizational commitment and organizational entrenchment. The moderation of the variable resilience was not found in the variables organizational values and worker bonds.

Title: A survey among dental students on their knowledge on the indications for antibiotic therapy of endodontic infection

Abstract:Introduction: The ESE (European Society of Endodontology) guidelines state that dental students in Europe should have basic knowledge on the pharmacology and therapeutics that could be applied on patients with endodontic infections, the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance. The dental curriculum in Sofia University includes study of antimicrobial drugs in several different subjects. Objective: The objective of the presented study was to collect information on the knowledge of last year dental students on the indications for the usage of antibiotics in endodontic infection. Material and Methods: Last year dental students from Medical University - Sofia were asked to fill a questionnaire, which included questions concerning the indications for usage of antibiotics in endodontic infections. Information concerning the respondents' age and gender was also collected. The data was analysed using descriptive and graphical statistics. Results: Ninety-nine replies were analysed. 53.5% of the respondents chose 5 days as the duration of antibiotic therapy. 56.57% chose Amoxicillin 500 mg as a first choice of antibiotic, and 23.23% - Amoxicillin with Clavulanic acid. 72.73% chose Clindamycin for patients with penicillin allergy. Over 90% of the respondents would prescribe antibiotics for cases of periapical abscess with deterioration of the general condition, with systemic diseases and persisting endodontic infection. 59.57% would prescribe antibiotic for cases with exacerbating chronic periodontitis. 28% would choose antibiotic for irreversible pulpitis and 10.53% - for necrotic pulp with asymptomatic apical periodontitis. For a standard prophilaxis in patients with systemic diseases 61.62% would prescribe Amoxicillin 2g, 47.47% of students would prescribe antibiotic one hour before the medical procedure and 47% - one day before the medical procedure. Conclusions: The survey shows that most dental students have basic understanding about the usage of antibiotics; however their in-depth knowledge of different cases with endodontic infections can be further improved.

Title: Design Laser Beam Profile Scanner With Simple Microcontroller

Abstract:In this paper, an implementation of the laser beam profiler system based on new scanning technique by moving the phototransistor detector in X and Y axis and LabVIEW software for determination of the laser beam intensity distribution is presented. The advantage of our system is can used for any wavelength of laser source, just only changing the type of detector that suitable for used laser wavelength, the scanned area is large 5cm X 5cm comparing with camera beam profile or any mechanical scanning method, it can scan any shape and any area of laser beam profile also our system is hybrid is like mechanical scanning technique in moving and like camera in measurement.

Title: The merit of a novel marker Osteopontin in diagnosis of thyroid cancer (CA 73) among Iraqi population

Abstract:Thyroid dysfunction is the most common endocrine problems , although thyroid cancer isconsidered morbidifying lethal diseases. In the present study we used osteopontin (OPN) asa novel marker to confirm the diagnosis of thyroid cancer (CA73) ), after clinical settingsincluding radiodiagnosis. It is used for the first time in Iraq . OPN is a glycoprotein that canbe detected in plasma , found to be up - regulated in thyroid cancer patients . The aim ofstudy to assess the level of OPN as a new marker for detection thyroid cancer and itsrelationship with other related biomarkers . The study was carried out on 156 subjects ,divided into three groups : group I (40) patients (new exposure without treatment) , group II( 76) patients ( taking medication and exposed radiation) , 40 as healthy control . Wemeasured these parameters in all subjects, Thyroid peroxidase, Thyroid Globulin, AntiThyroid peroxidase , Anti Thyroid Globulin , FT3, FT4, TSH, and liver function test GOT,GPT and ALP for diagnosing thyroid cancer. Plasma osteopontin levels were significantlyhigher in patients with thyroid cancer (CA73) than in healthy controls. The mean values ofOPN was 18.721 ± 3.775 ng / ml, (M± SD) in group II , 11.128 ± 1.825 in group I, P value(?0.0001), compared to control group (5.821 + 0.857). Moreover, TPO (ng / ml) was (6.011± 1.208) and (9.889 ± 0.923) in group I and II, respectively, with P-value (0.00012)compared with the control (4.272 ± 0.650). The TG results showed a significant P value((?0.0001) in comparison to control. ATPO and ATG showed significant change, P- value((?0.0001, for both groups, compared to control). FT3 (in group II), was (7.0312 ± 1.1300),group I was (4.9927 + 0.8281), compared with healthy control group (3.631 + 0.6225), FT4was significantly different, indicating an increase of two Group thyroid cancer patients withFT3, FT4 values. TSH, group II and group I patients, values were, group II (2.615 + 1.064),and group I (5.885 + 2.078), in comparison to healthy controls(0.866 + 0.420). Moreover,AST and ALT activities were increased, compared to healthy controls, GOT (Groups I andII), were recorded (45.625 + 10.463) and (47.303 + 10.097), respectively. For GPT patientgroups I and II, 46.675 + 9.939) and (45.618 + 9.044), compared to GOT and GPT healthycontrols (39.400 + 5.909) and (39.225 + 6.985). OPN was positively correlated to TPO, TG,ATPO, ATG, GOT, GPT, ALP, FT3, and FT4. Our results suggest that osteopontin is anovel prognostic biomarker for patients with thyroid cancer.


Abstract:This research is aimed to empower kindergarten teachers’ abilities in applying theory of multiple intelligence (MI) through holistic integrative instructional approach at kindergarten. The reason underly the study objective is because until the present most of kindergarten teachers need training to increase their knowledge skills to implement the theory of MI. Therefore, most the teachers are nor able to apply theory of multiple intelligence into effective instructional practice in their class, especially . the instructional approach which in line with the holistic integrative instructional approach. This research uses mixed-method research which conducted through action research, in which, it involves quantitative and qualitative research method. Participants of the research are five kindergarten teachers and fifteen kindergarten kids. Since the result of the teachers’ progress is reflected in the kindergarten kids’ multiple intelligences improvements, therefore, the research procedure are divided into two stages. The first stage is to increase the kindergarten teachers’ knowledge and skills in implementing multiple intelligence theory through the holistic integrative instructional approach. The second stage is to encounter the kindergarten kids’ multiple intelligences improvement as the result of the teachers’ abilities in applying the instructional approach based holistic integrative approach. The research reveals the kindergarten teachers’ abilities in conducting the instructional approach are increase and it reflected in the kindergarten kid’s multiple intelligences improvements which move form average score of 2.65, in the pre-assessment to average score of 3.49 in pros-assessment. Therefore, it increase 131.70 % after participating in the holistic integrative instructional approach aimed to improve multiple intelligences.

Title: Comparing prices received by participating and non-participating farmers in the custom feeding initiative of the National Red Meat Development Programme: A case of KwaZulu Natal Province

Abstract:The aim of the study was to evaluated how the National Red Meat Development Program has impacted on livestock farmers in the rural communities of South Africa. Specifically, we compared whether the average weight of cattle that benefit through the Custom Feeding Programme (CFP) initiative differs from that of their counterparts. In addition, we compared the average price received by farmers whose cattle are fed at the CFP facilities versus what non-participating farmers earned. A two-sample t test was used to test the hypotheses. Findings indicated that cattle sold through the CFP facility weighed more than those sold through non-CFP facilities. Generally, CFP participating farmers received higher incomes from cattle sales and cattle that benefited from the CFP facilities on average weighed more than those that did not benefit from the facilities. Conclusively, the NMRDP, particularly the CFP initiative plays a vital role in enabling farmers to gain access into the formal cattle market.

Title: Study of Different Orthopedic Implant for the Femoral Amputees

Abstract:Limb amputation is one of the oldest mutilating surgeries in the world.. It is a delicate and complex medical operation, also on the functional level of the human body. Otherwise, the amputation equipment is multiple, In the case of short femoral stump, femoral amputations are often close to the, overlying articulation, with healing problems and short stump. It is very difficult to obtain an optimal rehabilitation in these patients by a traditional prosthesis. However, according to the Osseointegration principle, the prosthesis anchored directly into the bone is attached to the residual limb, without the use of any hold, eliminating all problems related to safety, heat, perspiration, and discomfort. Indeed, different systems have been developed for for bone anchored prostheses and different approaches have been used to obtain a stable fixation between the implant and the bone. The objective of this work is a comparative study between the different types of orthopedic implants developed by the manufacturing laboratories as well as their influence on the osseointegration process.