Title: Taxonomic studies on some members of the genus Abutilon Mill. (Malvaceae)

Abstract:The relationship between six Abutilon species was examined using different taxonomic investigation tools. The investigation was carried out using morphological and numerical studies. fresh materials of Abutilon species were collected from different localities in Saudi Arabia during 2018 and 2019. Numerical analysis was based on the Principal coordinates, the Principal component and the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic algorithm clustering. The results indicated that there are significant differences based on the morphological characters especially in the leaves, fruits and flowers features. Morphometric studies revealed that the six species of Abutilon clearly separated in all different analysis.

Title: The Effect of Psycho-educational Program for Mothers of a child with Autism on their Self-efficacy, Depression, and Anxiety

Abstract:Mothers of children with autism have been shown to experience decreased self-efficacy in parenting and increases in stress, depression, and anxiety, which are also, associated with autism-related child behavior issues. A strong sense of self-efficacy can help mothers find ways to work with their kids beyond the opportunities that school provides for participation. Aim: This study was designed to investigate the effect of psycho-educational program for mothers of children with autism on their self-efficacy and emotion. Design, A quasi-experimental design was utilized to accomplish the aim of this study. Sample and setting: A convenient sample of 40 mothers [study group (20) and control group (20)] of children with autism attending to schools of intellectual education at Zagazig city, Hehia and Shiba were recruited for the current study. Tools: Five tools were used in this study: the socio-demographic data sheet, the Parenting self-efficacy scale, Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, and Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SAS). Results: less than three quarters (70.0%) of mothers in the study group had moderate self-efficacy level at the pre-intervention phase; these were decreased at the post-intervention phase. less than one third of mothers in the study group had severe and extremely severe anxiety level at the pre-intervention phase; these were decreased at the post-intervention phase. Conclusion: This study concluded that no statistically significant differences were found between the two groups (study – control) as regards all socio-demographic characteristics, There were highly statistically significant difference in self-efficacy score between the study and control groups at post program, There was a highly statistically significant difference in anxiety and depression score between the study and control groups at post program. Recommendation: This study recommended that, Develop programs to equip parents with caregiving skills to work alongside health care providers to transform positive parenting motivation into improving the performance of their children

Title: Study of Lumbar Spine Lordosis in Normal Adults Saudi Population Using Computed Tomography

Abstract:Abstract \nLumber lordosis (lumber angle) is an important spinal curvature that is affected by many factors such as sex, age and race. The aim of this study was to measure the lumber lordosis angle (cobb angle) in Saudi population who had no history of spine diseases.\nMaterials and Methods: This retrospective study was performed in Najran province (K.S.A), a total of 100 patients who underwent routine computed tomographic scans of the abdomen, and sagittal orientation of thin reformatted images were obtained and cobb angle technique were applied. Measurements were obtained using DICOM system. Data were analyzed with IBM SPSS Statistics.\nResults: In this study, the lumber lordosis angle (LLA) (cobb angle) were varied from 17.3° to 43.5° with a mean value of 33.268 (Std. 5.746°). The obtained values were also classified according to gender and compared.\nConclusion: The study concluded that the mean lumber lordosis angle in Saudi population is 33.268° and was not affected by age and gender of person.

Title: Effect of designed nursing intervention on knowledge and protection practices of occupational hazards among workers at automotive workshops

Abstract:Background: Workers at automotive workshops are one occupation that contributes to occupational hazards like physical, chemical, mechanical and biological hazards. A hazardous working condition not only brings numerous health risks to the workers\' health but also minimizes the enterprise\'s productivity. Aim: The purpose of the current study is to evaluate the effect of designed nursing intervention on knowledge and protection practices of occupational hazards among workers at automotive workshops. Design: A quasi-experimental one-group pretest- posttest with three months follow-up design was used. Setting: the study was conducted in five automotive workshops in El-Fayoum City. Sample: the total sample size in the current study was73 workers from the selected automotive workshops were included. Tools: Three tools were used collect the data in the current study; 1st tool workers and work related data questionnaire.2nd tool workers occupational hazards structured questionnaire .3rd tool protection practices observational checklist for workers and workplaces. Results: revealed that, the mean workers age was 31.28 .Also showed a high significant relations between workers knowledge and practices after participation in the program, p -value < 0.0001**. As well, a highly statistically significant positive correlation between age, work experience, educational level and their knowledge, practices at p value p value .009**, .010** respectively. Conclusions: Findings demonstrated that workers whom received a health educational program had a positive impact on workers knowledge and practices at automotive workshops. Recommendation: Organizing training programs to automotive workshops workers with the objective of increasing workers knowledge and improve their practices towered occupational hazards.

Title: Optimization of culture conditions for phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated from cassava cultivated soil by Plackett-Burman design and Response Surface Methodology.

Abstract:Aim: Quite a number of soil microorganisms are capable of solubilizing insoluble phosphate into soluble form and making it available to plants. These microorganisms improve the growth and yield of a wide variety of crops without causing any environmental hazard. In addition to P dissolving, some strains has also shown biological control ability against a number of plant pathogens. The object of this study was isolation of bacterial strains from cassava soil in Vietnam, and selection of isolates exhibited high phosphate solubilizing activity. Then, Plackett-Burman design and Response Surface Methodology were used for optimization culture conditions for phosphate solubilization activity of selected isolate.\nMethods and Results: The bacteria capable of dissolving insoluble phosphate were isolated from 37 cassava root and cassava cultivated soil samples collected at different provinces in the North, Central and South regions of Vietnam. Among them, 15 isolates with P-solubilization activity ranging from 11.67 ± 0.02 to 30 ± 0.05 mg L-1 were screened and among them, 1 isolate (Bacillus subtilis ĐQT2PV2) possesses not only high P-solubilization and IAA producing capacities, but also exhibited antagonistic activity against some fungi causing cassava root rot. The Plackett-Burman design showed that incubation temperature, pH and ammonium sulphate were found to have significant effects on phosphate solubilization of B. subtilis ĐQT2PV2. Based on the Plackett-Burman results, the response surface methodology was used for optimization of these 3 variables and the results showed that optimal conditions for maximum activity of ĐQT2PV2 for enhancing of phosphate solubilization were ammonium sulphate 0.5 g L-1, initial pH 6.00, incubation temperature 37 oC for 120 h. Under these conditions, B. subtilis ĐQT2PV2 can produce 96 mg L-1 of soluble P, which 3.2-fold increased in P-solubilization compared with the unoptimized conditions culture.\nConclusion: The results of this study suggested that B. subtilis ĐQT2PV2 is potential candidates as perfect inoculant for bacterial biofertilizer.


Abstract:Forest and land fires that occur in Indonesia are like a mandatory agenda every year, this problem becomes routine that must be faced by the central government or local government. One of the provinces that face many forest and land fires in Riau province, the smoke caused by these fires has even disrupted neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Various policy products made are not able to overcome this problem. This study looks at the extent to which the policies made by the government can overcome this problem, through mass media coverage of forest and land fires that occur will be thoroughly discussed why the policies that have been made by the government is only a product of policies that can not be run. Many policy actors give opinions in the mass media on this issue, each narrative presented will be collected as a valid data source, then done coding by the research element narrative policy framework. The data that has been collected is analyzed and narrated in the form of a story containing a plot. The results showed that there is a role played by various actors involved in forest and land fire control issues, the character of criminals found in governments, communities, and companies, hero characters are drawn in the roles performed by firefighters, governments, communities, and companies while the victims in a forest and land fires are communities and companies. So far policymakers have only processed a small portion of information relevant to the problem, should they limit their attention and focus on the solutions that will be produced by ignoring political pressures, the narrative can be an effective means of achieving that.

Title: Fishing Vessels Energy Efficiency Operational and Technological Measures

Abstract:This paper outline review of most technological, design, and operational energy efficiency measure applicable for fishing vessels specially trawlers. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements and the specificity of operational activities for fishing vessels have been taken into consideration. Sailing and trawling operational phases characterizing fishing vessel activities also considered in this study. All energy saving technologies and adoptable solutions for new and existing vessels beneficial outcomes have been discussed. Technological, operational and logistic activities have been discussed to ensure that fuel consumption and the emission of exhaust gases are reduced. The operational methods include speed optimization; controlling the fuel consumption on current basis; controlling the steamed distance; optimizing draft and trim; trip planning; fishing operations verification. Additionally, design strategies for energy efficiency considerations have been discussed. A reference vessel has been selected for analysis of applied operational measures to assess its economic and environmental impact.


Abstract:In the department of La Guajira, the most representative ecosystems are the tropical dry forest and the natural deserts located in the north, ecosystems that have been degraded by permanent and constant anthropic pressure; Particularly, the Cañaverales Spring has also been overexploited, the tourist activity has caused changes in the structure of the ecosystem and alterations in it; ecosystem of which, there is not enough information from its functional aspect, despite its protection as a natural reserve by Corpoguajira. The objective of this research was to contribute to the knowledge on the richness and diversity of the macromycete species in the Cañaverales Spring and the biochemical characteristics of each mushroom, which allows the preparation of an inventory. The collection of the macromycete samples was carried out through opportunistic samplings during four visits to the reed beds. During the journey to collect the specimens, the macroscopic characteristics of the mushrooms were recorded. The mushrooms were subjected to enzymatic tests, for this a minimum liquid medium of salts was elaborated, to which different sources of Carbon were added. Transfers were carried out in triplicate for each of the strains in the different media, the following carbon sources were taken into account: cellulose (filter paper), lignin (tree bark), chitin (shrimp shells), polyethylene (plastic bags). The biochemical characterization of the strains was made according to their potential to degrade substrates, by losing their weight, for which the difference between the initial weight and the final weight was taken into account. 26 species of macromycetes were identified in the Cañaverales Spring, which has a richness of agaricales fungi that constitute 46.4% of the total specimens collected, followed by fungi of the Polyporales order with 26.9%, the Xylariales order with 11.5%, Pezizales with 7.6% and, to a lesser extent, species belonging to the Auriculariales and Boletales orders with 3.8% each. All the mushrooms evaluated in this study expressed enzymes that confer the ability to degrade substrates composed mainly of polymers (cellulose, lignin, chitin and polyethylene), with the exception of Psathyrella spadiceogrisea, Ganoderma curtisii and Amanita verna that did not grow in the medium. whose only source of Carbon and Nitrogen was the chitin contained in shrimp shells.

Title: Effect of Self- Care Management Program on Quality of Life and Disease Severity among Patients with Psoriasis

Abstract:Psoriasis is a major significant worldwide health problem. It is a chronic recurrent immune-mediated inflammatory skin disease with fluctuating disease severity. It is linked with social stigmatization, pain, discomfort, physical disability and psychological stress which affect quality of life and disease severity, therefore self care management program is crucial for patient and health care provider. Aim: To evaluate the effect of self- care management program on quality of life and disease severity among patients with psoriasis. Design :A time series design was used. Sample: a convenient sample consisting of 70 adult male and female patients were selected. Setting: The study was carried out in dermatology outpatient clinics at a governmental hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Data were collected through four tools;(1) Semi-Structured Interview Questionnaire, (2) Quality of Life Questionnaire, (3) Dermatology Life Quality Index Questionnaire and (4) Psoriasis Area and Severity Index. Results.There were statistically significance different evidenced on dermatology quality of life between study and control groups at three times of assessment post implementation self care management program at 4th weeks (t = 2.670, p = .009), at 8th weeks (t = 10.794, p = .000) and at 12th weeks (t = 7.901, p = .000). moreover, concerning disease severity at 4th weeks (t = 4.051, p = .000), at 8th weeks (t = 4.820, p = .000) and at 12th weeks (t = 8.780, p = .000). Conclusion: based on the current study, implementation of self care management program improve patient’s self-care, subsequently improves on quality of life and decrease disease severity among patients with psoriasis. Recommendation: implement a self care management program for patients with psoriasis to equip them with the knowledge essential to enable them to undertake self care and achieve long lasting remission of the disease

Title: Study on different assessment methods for students achievement in applied medical sciences at Najran University

Abstract:Background: Examinations are very common assessment and evaluation tool in Universities. Medical students are evaluated and assessed by different methods. Two different methods for evaluation are used; multiple choice questions (MCQs) and short answer questions (SAQs) exams.\nObjective: The research aims to assess and to find out the effectiveness of the two main forms of questions that are used in the Radiological sciences department at Applied Medical College at Najran University.\nMethods: A retrospective study was conducted on 2ndyear, level four radiological sciences students at Najran University (n=46 in Radiation Physics and 29 student in Basic of General Radiographic Investigation courses to compared the performance of radiological sciences students in the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and short essay questions (SAQs) of a Radiation Physics and Basic of General Radiographic Investigation courses during the midterm exams. The MCQs component of the midterm examinations consisted of 40 questions (20 marks) in form of the best of five options, another questions paper including SAQ 10 questions (20 marks) was given in the period of the midterm exams.\nConclusion: There was a statistically significant difference when comparing performance of the students in MCQs vs SAQs exams in both Basics of General Radiographic Investigations and Radiation Physics courses, however weak and medium correlation were found between MCQs and SAQs questions exams grades.